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Fountain Pen Review: Faber-Castell Ambition


Despite being renown for their exciting and eye catching designs, Faber-Castell have really outdone themselves with their stylish "Ambition". They've produced a pen where wood meets metal to create one of the most aesthetically pleasing fountain pens on the market today.



Body Material: Pearwood
Trim: Chrome
Length (capped): 13.9cm
Length (uncapped): 12.2cm
Length (posted): 15.7cm
Nib material: Steel
Weight: 33g
Filling system: Cartridge/converter


In terms of aesthetics, the Ambition is flawless. The wooden body is contrasted with chrome accents in terms of the clip and cap to produce a classy yet eye catching fountain pen. 

Subtle details go a long way in making the Ambition look as classy as it does. For example, Faber-Castell include an engraved dot pattern on their stainless steel nibs for decoration; it really does look exceptional and gives the impression that the pen is priced way above it's actual price tag. Furthermore, the cap features a deep and clean engraving of the brand name; further displaying Faber-Castell's quality craftsmanship

Faber Castell Ambition - Pearwood Brown Fine - YouTube

Where as a lot of mid-tier fountain pens are let down by tacky packaging, Faber-Castell have made sure that this is not the case with the Ambition. The Ambition comes in a premium-looking white package which can be doubled as a permanent pen case. The whole unboxing experience is a joy and does a great job in generating excitement to use the pen.

Construction Quality

You wouldn't think it but the Pearwood body feels as premium as materials that cost twice as much. It really gives the impression that you're using a high quality, well built pen. Furthermore, it feels strong and sturdy; it's very unlikely that any drops are going to cause any significant damage to the Ambition. Because of it's Pearwood material, you're not going to see any fingerprints on the Ambition, therefore you can go throughout the whole day with the pen looking as classy as when you first whipped it out. Similarly, the Pearwood seems fairly scratch-resistant and any scratches/scuffs that it does pick up are far from prominent. 

A rather strange aspect of Faber-Castell's Ambition is it's lack of grip section, instead of a grip section there is a small chrome piece which gives access to the cartridge/converter system. The chrome piece is tight, strong and does give a nice premium feel to the pen alongside the Pearwood.

Every area of the Ambition is well built, a great testament to the brand's manufacturing quality. The cap is a great fit, leaving no room to wriggle. By being so tight it limits the air that can reach the nib, thus preventing the nib from drying out. As for the clip, it's spring loaded meaning it does a phenomenal job at staying clipped to the most awkward of materials and snaps back to place sharply when finished.


As previously mentioned, the Ambition features no proper grip section; instead opting for a small chrome piece which doubles as a section and gateway to the insides of the pen. Your view on this is going to largely come down to personal preference. Those with a traditional grip should see no problem as the tiny chrome piece section still allows enough space for you to grip it. However, if you prefer to hold your pens further up, you may want to get a feel for the pen before purchasing (if possible), or pursue other options. 

Weighing in at 33 grams, Faber-Castell's Ambition is on the heavier side of most fountain pens. However, despite it being on the heavier side, Faber-Castell have done an exceptional job at making sure the pen's balance is well distributed. It's great balance further adds to it's premium-feel and ensures it's still comfortable to write with for longer periods of time. However for those who like to keep their cap posted, this cap is on the heavier side therefore it does throw off the balance a tiny bit. It's a very minor amount therefore it may just need some getting use to. 

Writing Performance

The Ambition comes in all of the usual nib sizes, each one being made out of stainless steel. These nibs are firm and on the drier side but still write smoothly with only a little feedback. The Ambition has a great ink flow, you're not going to encounter any hard-starting or skipping if you do purchase this pen. Furthermore, by applying different levels of pressure you can create some line variation. It's not very flexible but it's enough for you to play around with. 

Lastly, if you're not happy with the nib that you choose the Ambition to come with, you'll be glad to know that the nibs are interchangeable. There are various nibs that you can change it with including some of Faber-Castell's incredibly premium nibs. 


Like most of Faber-Castell's products, the Ambition supports a cartridge/converter filling system. Unfortunately, it doesn't actually come with a converter; instead you're made to buy one yourself, thus further adding to the cost of the pen. Other than that, the process to refill from both a cartridge or a converter are straightforward, taking only a matter of seconds.

The chrome piece which acts as a small grip section allows for easy access to the cartridges/converters. It also allows for greater access to the insides of the pen when cleaning. The cleaning process is also simplistic as the pen is easy to dissemble and re-assemble.

Value for Money & Conclusion

The Ambition is currently priced between £50 and £70, and sold at online retailers such as Amazon. It represents great value for money with it's stunning aesthetics, great build quality and exceptional writing performance. The only reason to not add this pen to your collection is if you prefer to write with a high grip. Other than that, this is one of the best value fountain pen's you can get on the market today!

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