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Fountain Pen Review: Kaweco Sport (Modern Edition)


Founded in 1883, Kawecko have been one of the prominent forces in the fountain pen game for over a century. A key reason for their success in the fountain pen market is their Sport fountain pen; the Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen is an entry level pocket pen aimed at those who are looking for their first fountain pen. Kaweco have released many variants of the Sport over the last few decades, constantly innovating and improving the previous attempt. This review focuses on their latest "Modern Sport" edition to the series. 



  • Body Material: Resin
  • Weight: 20g
  • Length (capped): 10.5cm
  • Filing System: Vacuum system and cartidge
  • Nib Material: 14k Gold/Stainless steel
  • Colours: Various including Clear, Amber, Smoke
  • Accessories: Gift box, various cartridges 


The Kaweco Sport (modern edition) flaunts a very minimalistic, classy design;  unlike most pens at this price range which are bold, bright and very eye catching in order to attract the younger, budget market, Kaweco's sport aims to appeal to a more premium, luxurious market. 

The Kaweco Sport does wear a few branding placements, the cap and body have a small engraving on the name of the pen whilst the top of the cap has a small embossed Kaweco Logo. These little touches add to the modest design that Kaweco are aiming for. There are 2 different variants of the Kaweco Sport, one comes with a chrome clip whilst the other comes with a gold clip; the gold clip edition is aesthetically superior due to it matching the gold nib and clip, resulting in a matching, high end look.

One area where the Kaweco Sport falls short is the cheap packaging it is presented in. The small, rectangular cardboard packaging makes a cheap impression on the person unboxing the pen, suggesting the pen is a lot less premium than it really is.

Another aspect of the Kaweco Sport that helps to create the luxurious aesthetic is the nib. The nib features a Kaweco logo, a nib size imprint and some scrollwork. These subtle additions not only create the impression of a premium pen but also create the impression that Kaweco have put in effort and great craftmanship to create this pen. 

Construction Quality

The Kaweco Sport (modern edition) is a small pocket pen and is made of plastic resin, therefore it's one of the lighter fountain pens you can find on the market. Additionally, because it's made of plastic, it is far from a premium feeling pen; the resin makes the pen feel cheap and flimsy. Another downside is the clip that comes with the Kaweco Sport is meant to be removable so you can switch it in and out depending on your preference and functionality, however this results in a clip that falls off whenever it's brushed against anything.

Another negative quality about the construction quality of the Kaweco Sport is the resin body is not only prone to scratches but the scratches become prominent very quickly. If the scratches accumulate, they start to take off the coating surrounding the pen leaving it looking raggedy and worn. 

On the flip side, the nib feels sturdy and bouncy whilst the grip is smooth and sleek. Furthermore, unlike other rival pocket pens, the cap is airtight meaning you don't have to worry about ink leaking out of the nib; one of the most important characteristics of a pocket pen. Another nice touch is the cap is octagon shaped meaning it doesn't roll on flat surfaces and the cap requires a screwing motion to get it off which is quite unusual yet satisfying. 


Weighing in at only 20 grams, the Kaweco Sport is one of the lightest fountain pens you can find on the market. Because of how light it is, writing with extended periods of time is rarely uncomfortable or tiring; in fact you barely realise you're holding a fountain pen after a while. Furthermore, due to the light cap, the pen feels well balanced even when the cap is posted.

The pen is very small at only 10.5cm long, therefore those with average to bigger hands may find it uncomfortable to write with the pen when not posted. Luckily, the cap is designed to be long so when you post the cap, the pen's length is extended by 2.5cm therefore making it more suitable for bigger hands. 

Writing Performance

There are different variants of the Kaweco Sport but most nibs are either made out of gold or stainless steel. Not only do the nibs look good but they perform extremely well considering the price point of this pen. The pen writes smoothly, producing clean and clear lines without any hard starting or skipping. The pen is on the drier side of most fountain pens, this means the ink flow is fairly balanced and you don't have to worry about constantly smudging your work.

The nib is neither fine nor broad, instead Kaweco aim to appeal to a wider audience with a medium-sized nib. It's worth noting that this size #5 nib can be switched out for one of Kaweco's fine or broader nib if need be; making it great for those new to fountain pens and want to get a feel for what they prefer. Furthermore, Kaweco's nibs are much cheaper than most other branded nibs. 


The Kaweco Sport can be refilled through buying their ink cartridges, as well as  buying a Kaweco squeese converter if you have a bottle of ink you want to refill from. Unusually, the Kaweco Sport can be used with universal cartridges making maintenance of the pen much easier instead of shopping around for a specific cartridge. However, if you do prefer a Kaweco cartridge, they're available online and at most high-street stationers.

The converter can also be bought online and at some high-street stationers, the problem with the converter is due to the size of the pen the converter holds barely any ink. It's much more efficient to buy an ink cartridge instead. Another downside to using the converter is its a very messy process due to the size of it. If you choose to use the converter, expect to get ink everywhere and the ink does not clean out of the plastic sac very easily.

Value for Money & Conclusion

Despite, the poor construction quality, considering the small price tag the Kaweco Sport does exceed expectations; it's aesthetically pleasing and delivers a good writing experience (especially for those new to fountain pens). Furthermore, despite the small price tag, the packaging includes six different cartridges and a clip meaning you can use the pen for a while without thinking about any maintenance. This pen is ideal for those new to fountain pens and those who want a decent performing, extremely light fountain pen. 




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