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Fountain Pen Review: Lamy 2000


One of the most iconic fountain pens of all time, the Lamy 2000 was first introduced in 1966; since then various editions of the Lamy 2000 have been released, each one being an improvement from the previous. Due to it's stunning aesthetics, elegant writing performance and robust build, the Lamy 2000 is one of the most popular fountain pens on the market today. The pen is now so revered that it is now a staple in the Museum of Modern Arts. 



  • Body Material: Makrolon
  • Nib: 14 karat gold
  • Length capped: 13.9cm
  • Length uncapped: 12.4cm
  • Length Posted: 15.3cm
  • Weight: 28 grams
  • Filling system: Piston Filler


Inspired by German design principles from the early 20th century, the designer of the Lamy 2000 - Gerd A. Müller placed an emphasis on creating a premium looking pen whilst maintaining a sense of minimalism.

Sporting the same design since 1966, the Lamy 2000 is one of the most aesthetically pleasing fountain pens on the market. Firstly, the glass fibre barrel sports a brushed matte finish; it's rare that you see a pen that is so simplistic yet so beautiful. The Lamy 2000 wears no design features: no lavish grip section, no metal bands, no glossy finials; instead it opts for a more minimalistic aesthetic.

The Lamy 2000's body wears a rounded design, the finials are smooth and sleek, the clip is robust-looking with the standard brand engraving. The clean, sleek look does wonders to cement this as an elite fountain pen. 

A subtle addition that Lamy have incorporated into the design is a very small translucent window within the barrel. This window allows you to see just how much ink is left in the pen. The window camouflages into the design making it barely noticeable; therefore fitting in with the harmonious and sleek theme of the pen. 

Staying true to the minimalistic design, Lamy present the 2000 in a modest grey box with a embossed Lamy logo. The result is a cheap looking package that suggests the pen is much less luxurious than it really is. For the price tag you're paying, you may want a better unboxing experience, especially if you're buying this as a gift 

For those who prefer bold, eye catching designs, the Lamy 2000 is certainly not for you. The Lamy 2000 chooses to ignore the attention seeking aesthetic that so many of its rivals have endorsed; instead the 2000 chooses to operate quietly with its unobtrusive demeanour. 

Construction Quality

The 2000 is mainly compromised of a fibre glass material called Makrolon; this material has a very unique feel to it. It feels smooth yet textured, therefore providing a premium-feel whilst being comfortable to write with. Makrolon barrel is largely scratch-resistant and scratches that do occur are far from prominent; Lamy have certainly paid attention to longevity when designing the 2000. 

The Lamy 2000's cap is also made out of Makrolon, resulting in not only a matching aesthetic but a premium feel throughout the Lamy 2000. And as expected, the cap is tight meaning the ink won't dry out quickly without any human error. 

Unlike the majority of the pen ,the clip is made out of stainless steel whilst the nib is made of 14 karat gold. The engraved Lamy clip is more than flexible for everyday use and quickly returns back to its original position without much hassle. As for the nib, it has a nice bounce to it whilst feeling sturdy and stable. To conclude, because of the premium materials used to construct this pen, every aspect feels sturdy and robust. The barrel feels strong, the nib is stable and the clip is securely attached. 


The Lamy 2000 has built a reputation for its comfortable nature for many reasons. Firstly, because of the clean-tapering, sloping barrel, you can grip the 2000 however you would like; there's no protruding sections that interrupt your grip. And because of the tapered design, you can choose whether to grip it higher up where the pen is thicker or lower down where the pen is thinner. With this universal grip, the Lamy 2000 truly caters to everyone.

The Lamy 2000 weighs in at 27 grams, it's neither on the heavy side or lighter side of premium fountain pens, instead it sits right in the middle. Having said that, the Lamy 2000 does feel a lot lighter than it is. Even after longer sessions of writing, the 2000 feels as comfortable as when you began writing. And despite the cap weighing 9 grams (substantially more than most fountain pen caps), when posted the 2000 still feels balanced and far from top heavy. 

Writing Performance

The Lamy 2000 sports a premium platinum-plated 14 karat gold nib. Staying true to the humble, minimalistic theme of the pen, the nib is hooded and only features two tines and a sleek feed. Furthermore, due to the material of the nib, the nib is quite soft and flexible, therefore by applying different levels of pressure you can create variance in your lines. 

The actual performance of the lamy 2000 is near perfection. The nib is buttery smooth, it glides across all surfaces. There's no hard starting or skipping; the 2000 is just the right amount of wetness to ensure clean and sleek lines whilst drying quick enough to avoid smudges and smearing. The Lamy 2000's feed consistently performs, meaning there's always sufficient ink flow to the nib. The nib also has a nice bounce to it, making it the writing experience that much more satisfying.


The maintenance for the Lamy 2000 is very simplistic and straightforward. The Lamy 2000 supports a piston-filling system; this process involves dipping the nib into your preferred bottle of ink, then twisting the nib to draw the ink up into the ink chamber. Unlike most pens that support a piston-filling system, the Lamy 2000 manages to do this without creating a mess and without any ink leaking out and staining the pen. Furthermore, the Lamy 2000 holds a good amount of ink in its chamber making the need to refill a rare occurrence and the ink chamber is secure meaning there's no need to worry about it leaking when travelling. 

If you do need to clean the pen, the process is also very straightforward. The Lamy 2000 dissembles with great ease meaning you can give the nib, plunger and barrel a good clean and then put them back together within seconds. Additionally, you can open the pen through the grip section by twisting the grip; by doing this you can get a better angle to clean the ink chamber and nib.

As previously mentioned, Lamy have included four small transparent window in the barrel so you can see exactly how much ink is left in the chamber. Therefore, you won't be caught out when the pen suddenly stops writing. 

Value for Money & Conclusion

You can find the Lamy 2000 at a few high-end, high-street stationers, as well as the usual online retailers such as Lamy itself and Amazon. The 2000 is priced around the £150-£200 mark depending on where you look. Despite, the premium price this pen more than justifies it's price tag with it's timeless nature. Simply put, you're not going to find a better fountain pen at this price range.

To conclude, not only is this one of the best fountain pen's on the market today but it's one of the best fountain pen's ever made. The stunning aesthetics, robust construction quality, graceful writing experience, low maintenance nature and premium feel of the Lamy 2000 has made it one of the most iconic fountain pens ever produced.


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