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Fountain Pen Review: Lamy Studio


The Studio is Lamy's mid-tier fountain pen offering, sitting between the budget Lamy Safari and the elite Lamy 2000. Through taking aspects of the 2000 (the minimalistic design) and aspects of the Safari (such as the stainless steel nib), the Lamy Studio aims to combine premium aesthetics, robust build quality and writing experience with affordability. 


  • Weight: 31g
  • Nib Material: Steel
  • Length (capped): 15.4cm
  • Trim: Chrome
  • Barrel Material: Brass
  • Nib size: Medium
  • Ink refill: Converter & Cartridge
  • Ink colour: Black 
  • Pen colour: Black 


As previously mentioned, the Lamy Studio takes a lot of design inspiration from the Lamy 2000; similar to the Lamy 2000, the Lamy Studio sports a minimalistic, tapered design and has a classy matte-finish lacquer. The Lamy Studio comes in a range of fancy colours such as aquamarine, olive green and glacine. Furthermore Lamy have been consistently releasing special edition variants such as the XL black; some of these additions have different textures and lacquers resulting in a pen that feels unrecognisable to the original Studio. 

The Lamy Studio wears a premium-looking chrome clip, a matte coloured body and cap and a classy chrome clip. Similar to the Lamy 2000, the Lamy Studio wears minimal branding. Instead it opts for a small, silver embossment on the cap. The combination of the classy matte finish and elegant grip sections and premium-looking accents result in the Studio having a very elegant aura. 


A major drawback of the Lamy Studio is the matte-finished body is a fingerprint magnet. Not only is it a fingerprint magnet but due to the lacquer, the fingerprints tend to be very prominent. When the fingerprints accumulate, the pen looks far less sophisticated and can instead look abit worn. Another area where you may be left disappointed is the packaging. If you're looking to buy the Lamy Studio as a gift, be aware that the packaging is nothing more than a tacky, cheap cardboard box. This packaging suggests the pen is alot less luxurious than it really is.  

Construction Quality

Similar to the iconic Lamy 2000, the Lamy Studio is largely metal made; not only does this give a premium aesthetic but also makes the pen more robust and sturdy. Some may find the metal grip section annoying as it can be difficult to keep a good grip, especially if you're hands tend to get sweaty after longer periods of writing. The cap is extremely tight, meaning the ink isn't going to dry out on its own and the cap makes a satisfying clicking noise when placed upon the pen.

As previously mentioned due to the coating material, the body is very prominent to fingerprint smudges. Not only that, the body is also extremely vulnerable to scratches. Scratches tend to be quite prominent and immediately start to scratch off the coating. This can lead to the Studio looking raggedy and worn very quickly. 

The Lamy Studio falls short with an extremely awkward clip. The clip is extremely flimsy and due to it's weak nature, it struggles to stay clipped to anything. Furthermore, the fragile clip does not feel securely attached to the body, instead it feels like any tug may rip it off. 


As previously mentioned, many people are going to have problems with the metal-made grip section; once your hands start to get sweaty after extended periods of writing, it becomes extremely hard to maintain the same grip. At 32 grams, the Lamy studio is pretty average in weight and size; it does not feel heavy or tiring even after longer periods of writing.

Lamy have done well to distribute the weight of the pen evenly, it feels neither bottom or top heavy and even when the cap is posted, it still feels balanced and stable in the hand. 

Writing Performance

Like most Lamy's, the Lamy Studio provides an exceptional writing experience. There's no doubt about it that the Lamy Studio's 14k nib is one of the best value nibs on the market. The nib is buttery-smooth, provides an excellent ink flow and has a nice bounce to it. As expected there's no hard starting or skipping with this pen even when the pen is being used sporadically. Furthermore, you would be hard pressed to find a decent fountain pen with a 14 karat gold nib at this price range.  

The Lamy Studio possesses just the right amount of wetness; it dries rapidly to avoid smudging whilst producing clean, smooth lines. Furthermore, due to the buttery-smooth nib, the Studio writes fluidly on most surfaces. The standard nib sits in the middle of being fine and broad, however you're able to interchange the nib if you want different line width


The Lamy Studio supports both a cartridge filling system, as well as being converter-friendly so that you can draw ink from a specific bottle if need be. However, depending on where you buy the Lamy Studio, you may have to purchase a converter separately.

File:Lamy converters.jpg

(A picture of the Lamy converter)

Like most Lamy products, the Lamy Studio only works with Lamy's own cartridges; these cartridges are more expensive than most competitor brands but are easily accessible. On the positive, Lamy's ink cartridges and converters hold much more ink than average. Therefore you won't have to refill them nearly as much as you would with other brands. You can find the ink cartridges at most high-street stationers and online retailers such as Amazon. 

As for the cleaning process, it's very straightforward to clean the inside and outside of the Lamy Studio, everything dissembles with great ease and can be re-assembled in a matter of seconds. And as previously mention, you can find Lamy's interchangeable nibs on their website if you wanted to differ your writing experience.

Value for Money & Conclusion

Priced around the £50 mark, the Lamy Studio attempts to draw aspects from more premium-priced fountain pens whilst trying to maintain a reasonable price-tag. Lamy have done well to avoid cutting too many corners whilst trying to make the pen affordable; the aesthetic is classy, the writing experience is exceptional for the price and it has a premium feel to it. 


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