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Fountain Pen Review: Pelikan Souveran M600


Pelikan are responsible for producing some of the highest quality fountain's that have came out of Germany, they intend to keep it up with the prestige Pelikan Souveran M600.



Body Material: Resin
Trim: Gold
Length (capped): 13,2cm
Length (uncapped): 12.2cm
Nib material: 14 Karat Gold
Weight (all): 19 grams
Filling system: Piston-filler


Despite being renown for their robustness and durability, Pelikan can certainly produce an aesthetically pleasing fountain pen. The Pelikan Souveran M600 comes in a variety of colour combinations such as violet and white or a vibrant orange and black. However, you just can't go wrong with the iconic all black body contrasted by a delicate gold trim; no matter how many fountain pen's adopt this style, it's always going to look prestige. The black model features a dark green band just after the section for users to see how much ink they have left in their chamber; Pelikan have done a phenomenal job at making it as unobtrusive as possible. 

Pelikan's subtle eye for detail really do a lot to make this pen look that bit more premium. For example, the clip on the M600 is shaped like a Pelican's bill, displaying their elite craftsmanship. Similarly, the centre band has the brand and model number deeply and clearly engraved. Even the placement of it's accents help emphasise it's classiness; the gold ring before the nib is such a small addition yet certainly adds an elegant aura about the pen. Similarly, the double gold band placed before the piano black piston knob offers a stylish contrast.

Many luxurious fountain pens are let down by tacky and underwhelming packaging, Pelikan have done just enough to avoid that pitfall. It's not the most exciting packaging, but the box looks sleek whilst the pen itself is strapped into a premium-feeling white leather case; this makes for a good unboxing experience.

Construction Quality

One area in which Pelikan have always stood out in is their construction quality. Once you get a feel for a Pelikan pen, it becomes clear that their pens are produced with the highest level of craftmanship. The Pelikan Souveran M600 is no different, every area of the pen functions well and feels strong. The M600's body is very similar to the recently reviewed Meisterstück Le Grand 146 ( Unusually, both body's are resin-made yet barely pick up any scratches. Even more unusually, despite the glossy black piano finish, fingerprint smudges are fairly uncommon too.

As you would expect from a Pelikan pen, every individual piece is robust and fits together well. Firstly, the pelican's bill-shaped clip is securely attached to the body and does well to stay clipped to the most awkward of materials. The piston glides along the barrel without any hint of a hiccup. The cap is a tight fit, leaving no space for any wriggle room; a relief to us highly irritable fountain pen users. As for the 14 Karat gold nib, it balances it's flexibility with stability well to feel strong enough without creating a stiff writing experience. And lastly, the section and threads are buttery-smooth; there are no obtrusions for the user to hurt themselves. 


Pelikan's Souveran M600 is an incredibly light pen, weighing in at 19 grams. However, don't confuse it's lightweight nature for it being a small pen; it's measurements are all around the average mark (length, circumference, etc). Due to it being so light, even after the longest of writing sessions, the M600 doesn't feel heavy or tiring. This is a great contrast from most premium fountain pens that are on the heavier side, as they start to become tiring and a chore to write with. It's worth noting that Pelikan have done a phenomenal job of distributing the weight, it feels just perfect. And because of how light the cap is, you can write with the pen posted with no hinderance. 

The M600 possesses a much smaller than average grip, therefore those with larger hands may have to adjust their grip when writing with it. If possible, try and get a feel for the pen before purchasing. On the flip side, the section balances being smooth with not being slippery to provide a great writing experience. Furthermore, there are no obtrusive, annoying threads to worry about hurting you. The grip shape is hard to describe but is shaped in a manner to guide your fingers into the recommended position; great for those who are new to holding a fountain pen.

Writing Performance

The Pelikan Souveran M600 (EF) sports a beautiful, smaller, two toned, 14 karat gold nib. Not only is it a great performing nib, it's an amazing showcase for Pelikan's craftsmanship. The nib features a Pelikan logo, an engraving stating the nib size and some more engraved artwork.

The double broad nib is everything you want from a fountain pen of this calibre. It's smooth, juicy and graceful. It provides just the right amount of feedback to ensure it's not overly smooth whilst also avoiding problems such as hard-starting and skipping. Pelikan have done well to make the broad nib wet enough to create clean and smooth lines whilst also not expelling so much ink that it takes forever to dry. Due to the bounciness of the nib, through applying different levels of pressure, you can vary your line width to quite a great extent. Perfect for those who like to experiment with their lines!      


The Pelikan Souveran M600 supports a piston filling system rather than a cartdige/converter system. As usual, Pelikan have done an exceptional job at making this as functional as it is satisfying. The process is smooth, sleek and can be done in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, the piston can hold a great deal of ink, nearly a whole bottle therefore even the heaviest users can go a while without refilling. And due to the ink window you're able to see exactly how much ink is left inside, perfect for those who intend to travel with it.

The whole pen dissembles relatively easily, the nib can also be removed for easier access to the barrel. This makes the whole cleaning process easy and simplistic. Furthermore, to re-assemble it takes only a matter of seconds and is easy to figure out.

Value for Money & Conclusion

The Souveran M600 is currently priced between £225 and £250 depending on where you look. It can be found at very few high-street stationers due to it's high-priced nature; instead you may have to resort to looking online at various pen shops or Amazon to purchase this elite fountain pen. Despite being on the pricier side, the Pelikan Souveran M600 offers great value for money. It's aesthetics are classy, the build quality is top notch and the writing performance is far above average. Overall it allows for an elegant writing experience. 



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