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Fountain Pen Review: Platinum 3776 Century


Since being released in 1978, Platinum's 3776 series have come to be some of their most popular pens due to their classy aesthetics, great build quality and exceptional writing performance. Platinum look to keep it up with the recently released Platinum 3776 Century which marks their 100th year of producing pens.

The Platinum 3776 Century Specs


Material: Resin
Nib: 14k Gold, Medium
Appointments: Gold-plated
Filling System: Converter/Cartridge (Platinum Proprietary)
Length (Capped): 13.8cm
Length (Uncapped): 11.9cm
Length (Posted): 15.4cm
Weight, Capped: 24g

The Aesthetics of the Platinum 3776 Century 

The Platinum 3766 comes in various fancy colours such as Bourgogne or Chartres Blue. If there's one variant that looks superior to the rest, it's the classic black and gold combination. This minimalistic yet premium-looking addition sports a glossy black barrel, a few gold rings along the pen, a clip and a cap. The 3766 Century wears a classic cigar shape, it works well with the overall gold and black theme of the pen to create a timeless aesthetic.

The Platinum 3776 Century. Picture courtesy of M Dreibelbis from Cleveland Ohio, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Picture courtesy of M Dreibelbis from Cleveland Ohio, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons.

Subtle additions to the 3776 Century are what really help push this pen into being in the high-end status rather than being pushed away as dull. For example, the centre band located at the bottom of the cap features a deep and clean engraving of the company name, location the pen was made and it's model number; a real quality showcase of Platinum's craftsmanship. Additionally, Platinum have opted for a flat-shaped nip instead of the incredibly popular curved nibs you see on every fountain pen these days; features such as these help Platinum to distinguish the 3776 Century from all the other premium, black and gold fountain pens. The nib also features a classy text engraving and a few clean lines as decoration. 

Like a lot of premium fountain pen's the Platinum 3776 Century is let down by it's dull packaging. Not everyone may share this opinion, but a pen you're paying so much money for should provide a great, exciting unboxing experience; instead the 3776 Century comes in a standard rectangular cardboard box with a dull sleeve to cover the actual pen. This may be a deal breaker for some whilst other couldn't care less, it's subjective!

The Construction Quality of the Platinum 3776 Century 

Traditionally, the Platinum 3776 series have always consisted of strong, sturdy and well built fountain pens; the 3776 Century does a great job in keeping up the reputation. The build quality is exceptional throughout every aspect of this pen. The Resin Barrel feels strong and sturdy. Despite being a glossy, piano black colour (which usually picks up scratches like no man's business), the 3776 goes through daily life fairly unscratched. 

Like most of the previous fountain pens in the 3776 series, the 3776 Century possesses a Slip and Seal cap. Platinum invented this mechanism to keep your fountain pen from drying out for up to two years. It does this through restricting air flow to the nib and feed.

Platinum 3776 Century

Image courtesy of Enrique Íñiguez Rodríguez (Qoan), CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons.

Additionally, the remarkably shiny clip balances being fairly flexible with being quite strong; it does well to stay clipped to even the most awkward of materials and rarely feels like it's going to fall off. Similarly, the 14 Karat gold nib balances flexibility with stability to ensure a great writing performance without feeling fragile. Lastly, the section is smooth and threads are precisely cut, allowing for a wonderful writing experience. 

The Ergonomics of the Platinum 3776 Century 

Weighing in at 24 grams, the Platinum 3776 Century is on the lighter side of most premium fountain pen's. Due to how light it is, writing for extended periods of time is far from uncomfortable or tiring; it remains a joy to write with even when you're an hour deep into a writing session. 

Despite being on the lighter side, it measures up fairly averagely at 14cm (capped) and is therefore long enough to use unposted. However, Platinum have done an exceptional job at ensuring that when the pen is posted, it remains well balanced and is still writable. 

Additionally, Platinum have done well to keep the grip section smooth but not overly slippery. It is on the narrower side, so for those who have larger hands you may want to check the measurements out before purchasing. And lastly, the threads are non obtrusive and are fairly smooth, thus you won't have to worry about hurting yourself. 

The Writing Performance of the Platinum 3776 Century 

You can purchase the 3776 Century with various choices of nibs such as Ultra Extra Fine nib, Music Nib, Medium nib, etc. This review is focused on the medium nib. So far there has been no sign of hard starting or skipping due to the "Slip and Seal" cap. The nib is buttery smooth, offering only the tiniest amount of feedback. The ink flow in particular is great, it's on the juicier side meaning lines are incredibly clean and smooth; it does result in abit longer of a drying time but it's far from a hinderance.

Platinum 3776 Century

Image courtesy of Enrique Íñiguez Rodríguez (Qoan), CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons.

Unfortunately, the 14 Karat gold nib is not flexible enough for any line variation. No matter how much pressure you apply, there is no real line variation. This may not matter to the majority but for those interested in calligraphy, you may want to pursue other options. 

Maintenance for the Platinum 3776 Century

The 3776 Century supports a cartidge/converter system but only uses Platinums own converters and cartidges. Not only are Platinum's cartridges more expensive, they are also a pain to find as they're incredibly rare to find at most high-street stationers within the UK. On the up side, Platinum do include a converter and a few cartridges in the packaging; it's more than enough to keep the pen up and running for a little while. Furthermore, the converters hold a good amount of ink. It's enough for the heaviest of users to get a decent amount of life out of it.  

Value for Money & Conclusion

Priced at £135, the Platinum 3776 Century edition represents great value for money. It really does have it all. The 3376 Century features a timeless aesthetic, great construction quality, a graceful writing experience, a premium feel and is fairly low maintenance. What more could you want!

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