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Leuchtturm 1917 Soft Cover Notebook Review

Leuchtturm 1917 Soft Cover Notebook


A prominent force in the notebook industry, Leuchtturm have been producing some of the highest quality notebooks you can find for over a century. Continuing with their emphasis on producing luxurious products, their new 1917 soft cover notebook is another home run. Stunning aesthetics, a deluxe feel and robust construction are just some of the reasons why you should consider investing in this notebook.



Price: Anywhere between £15 and £20 at different retailers.

Paper specs:

  • Size: A5 / 5.8” x 8.25” or A4 / 8.3 x 11.7 in
  • Weight of the paper: 80gsm
  • Pages: 121
  • Binding: Sewn binding
  • Page Style: These notebooks range from Lined, Dot and Blank paper styles
  • Ghosting? None observed
  • Bleeding? Yes, for wetter inks
  • Feathering? None observed
  • Numbered pages: Yes

Aesthetic features:

  • Comes in various colours
  • Elastic closure ribbon
  • Soft faux-leather cover
  • Ribbon page markers throughout


The major selling point for these notebooks has to be the stunning aesthetics of each design. The emphasis on producing a very minimalistic, sleek design is a major reason why these notebooks look so premium and high-end. The 1917 notebooks come in a range of 16 colours from pacific green to ice blue; normally with so many variants, some editions don't look so classy but this is not the case with the 1917 notebooks. Leuchtturm have done a great job at making each variant looks as premium as the next. 

Subtle details also contribute to the classy aesthetics. The 1917 softcover notebooks come with a pair of stylish ribbon page markers/bookmarks attached to the corner of the notebook. Additionally, the rounded corners alongside the rectangular design work well together to produce a smooth and sleek finish. 

Another great design feature for the Leuchtturm 1917 notebooks is the ability to customise and imprint your designs. The minimalistic design of the 1917 notebooks leaves plenty of space to imprint your own designs and personalise the look of your notebook. Additionally, as the front is leather made printing produces sharp images and precise text. 


From the moment you first feel one of these 1917 soft cover notebooks, it becomes evident that these notebooks not only look premium but also feel like they're superior to most of the other notebooks available within the UK. The front and back leather cover's alongside the robust and tightly woven elastic closure band give the notebook a very robust and strong feel. Not only are the covers made out of leather, they are very strongly threaded together; it's certainly going to need something extraordinary to tear this notebook apart 

Although the leather covers are threaded together, the paper is actually glue bound meaning it is very easy to remove without any perforations. Furthermore, it is refillable therefore between having robust covers and being refillable, this notebook can be purchased with longevity in mind. Another nice touch that Leuchtturm have included is a pocket at the end of the notebook for any loose paper or any paper you may need to store.

A rare quality that the 1917 brings to the table for such an affordable price is it lays flat. Despite every notebook claiming that it lays flat, it's rare that you do find a notebook that lies flat; due to the pages being glue bound, this notebook lies perfectly flat and the elastic cover keeps it perfectly closed when you want it to.

Writing Performance 

The reason why Leuchtturm's notebooks are so popular is they refuse to cut any corners, the 1917 soft cover notebooks are no different. The thinner 80gsm paper leaves no visible bleed on the other side of the paper for most fountain and ballpoint pens. a sharpie permanent marker did leave feint marks however. This lack of bleeding comes at a price, ink takes longer to dry on the 1917's paper therefore those who use a fountain pen may need to be extra cautious.


As mentioned in the specifications, this notebook did not suffer from any feathering at all which is rare for a notebook at such an affordable price; in fact the 1917 notebook is perfect for those who prefer using a fountain pen. Additionally, similar to the lack of bleeding, this notebook had no visible ghosting on the other side of the paper.

The notebooks come in a range of blank, lined and dotted paper editions. All three editions look and feel good, however the dotted edition really stands out; the dots are feint enough to not distract you from the contents of the pages but also prominent enough to guide you're writing/drawing/designs.

Value for Money & Conclusion

One of the key selling points of Leuchtturm's 1917 notebooks is their affordability. Despite being similar in quality to very lavish notebooks such as the moleskin range, the 1917 series is priced at just £16.99. 

For £16.99, you are getting a notebook with stunning aesthetics, a deluxe feel and robust construction. Furthermore, you are getting a product from a well respected brand with a rich history and a desire to produce the best products possible; a brand worth investing in. If you're looking for a premium notebook at not such a premium price than this could be the notebook for you.



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