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7 Tips for Boosting Concentration Levels


If you're the type person to constantly suffer from "brain fog" and who struggles to stay focused on a singular task, this article could be of great benefit for you!

This article will show you 7 incredible ways for you to improve your concentration levels and unlike the majority of tips you may have already seen, these 7 ways are scientifically proven!

7 Tips for Boosting Concentration Levels

Remember, concentration levels are not to be confused with your attention span.

Your attention span refers to the amount of time you can stay focused on something whilst your concentration levels refer to the mental effort you can put towards a singular task!

The 7 Tips for Improving Concentration Levels

Tip #1: Get Comfortable

Various studies have explored the relationship between the comfort of a person's working environment and their productivity levels.

As you might have guessed, they concluded that a comfortable working environment can do wonders for your productivity levels.

Personal preference plays a significant role in determining one's comfort levels. Therefore, you may want to implement some trial and error to find out exactly what makes you feel comfortable.

Some ways in which you could improve the comfort of your working environment are:

  • Investing in a comfortable chair with back support
  • Making sure that your desk is at an appropriate height to avoid neck and back strain
  • Set the temperature to whatever you prefer
  • Introduce the right scents - smell play a major role in how comfortable you are in a new environment

Tip #2: Introduce Natural Light into your Work Environment

By introducing natural light into your working environment, you're allowing your skin to absorb more Vitamin D.

The reason why this is important to boost your concentration levels is Vitamin D can do wonders for your overall mood and happiness levels.

And it's well established that those who are in positive headspace when working are generally more productive .

7 Tips for Boosting Concentration Levels

The relationship between natural light and productivity was best highlighted by a study published by PubMed, they found that employees who received more natural light benefited from greater productivity levels and better sleep quality.

Similarly, another study conducted by Eco Business concluded that those who worked in the presence of natural light were up to 40% more productive than those who worked in the dark. 

Furthermore, a different study found that those who work in the presence of natural light reported less eyestrains, headaches and blurred vision 

Hopefully, all these studies have convinced you to open your blinds when your studying!

Tip #3: Start Consistently Exercising

There's only so many times i can attempt to persuade you to start exercising consistently, but it's honestly one of the best things you could do for your productivity levels! 

I've already gone into detail on how exercising can boost your concentration levels here. But I'll provide a brief summary below...

Immediately after a workout, exercise can increase your concentration levels through strengthened circulation. Therefore, the hours post-workout may be the time where you can do your best work.

Furthermore, consistent exercise has been found to provide the following benefits:

  • Improved memory
  • Improved concentration span
  • Improved motivation

These benefits can start to occur just 6 months after beginning to workout. Don't waste any more time, start your workout plan today!

Tip #4: Quality Sleep

A lack of sleep has been shown to have effects such as:

  • lack of alertness
  • decline in ability to memorise
  • impair problem solving ability
  • worsen your mood

These can all contribute to a decline in your concentration levels!

7 Tips for Boosting Concentration Levels

On the other hand, getting sufficient sleep can:

  • Improve your Concentration levels 
  • Lengthen your attention span 
  • Strengthen your memory 
  • Help to maintain a Healthy Weight 
  • Keeps your Immune System Strong

The three big staples of improving your productivity in any aspect are: exercise, diet and sleep.

Whilst the majority of people look towards improving their exercise routine and their diet, rarely does anybody try to improve their sleeping habits.

Maybe it's because our society has this weird opinion that those who sleep more are lazier. However, in reality those who sleep more are those who are the happiest and most productive!

Tip #5: Take Breaks

It may seem counter-productive to start implementing regular breaks on your journey to become more productive, improve your concentration levels and lengthen your attention span but it can do you a whole lot of good.

There's various studies which have found regular breaks can do wonders for your ability to concentrate.

This is because you only have so much mental energy you can exert in a single time period, a break can allow your brain to rest and re-set. Therefore, after a break you'll have more mental effort to give to your task. 

The last thing you want to be doing is burning yourself out in an effort to become more productive. A major key to productivity is a balanced life so make sure you're relaxing and chilling out too!

Tip #6: Turn off Social Media

A massive study conducted by the University of Maryland found that the majority of the USA's population struggle to go just a few hours without checking their social media profiles.

They also discovered that most of us have the habit of constantly checking social media whilst trying to work.

7 Tips for Boosting Concentration Levels

By checking your social media, you're constantly distracting yourself from the task you're meant to be working on. Furthermore, it takes time to refocus your mental energy after checking social media. 

Therefore, it's going to be incredibly hard to stay focused if you're checking your social media every few minutes.

To prevent this, try the following:

  • Turn off your notifications or put your phone on silent
  • Track the time you spend browsing social media and aim to reduce it 
  • Delete the apps

Tip #7: Eat a Balanced Diet

A balanced diet can improve your ability to concentrate by providing benefits such as:

  • Increasing energy levels throughout the day
  • Increasing alertness
  • Improving sleep and ensuring you're well rested
  • Improving your mood and mental health

The relationship between a balanced diet and concentration levels was explored by the British Journal of Heath Psychology.

They discovered that those who ate the recommended amounts of fruit and vegetables were significantly more productive compared to those who didn't eat the recommended amount.


If you're someone who is struggling with staying focused on their tasks, try implementing some of these tips. They should provide a great return on investment, not just for your productivity levels but for your overall physical and mental health too!




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